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Is PR in the NHS a waste of money?

Criticising the way NHS money is spent will be an increasingly irresistible task for many politicians and lobby groups in the approach to the general election this year. It is of course extremely important to...


The return of the EPR

Browsing eHealth Insider this week, I was struck by a clear and seemingly obvious trend – the electronic patient record (EPR) is back in the headlines with a vengeance. Compare the past *16 stories this...

The best health IT product in the market?

This week, the national headlines were filled with more negativity around the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) in the NHS. The BBC took the slant that the taxpayer will continue to face a rising, multi-billion...

Procurement: spate v blight

With the advent of the demise of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) will we see a procurement spate or blight? Eight days ago we heard for the third time from the coalition government that...


NPfIT lives on?

Yesterday the Daily Mail ‘exclusively’ splashed the headline ‘£12 billion NHS computer system scrapped’ across its front page. Having gasped at the check-out and nearly dropping my pint of milk after seeing the headline, the...

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