Highland Marketing achieves exceptional Net Promoter Score

Highland Marketing achieves exceptional Net Promoter Score

Specialist health tech agency increases NPS from +52 to +72, with clients praising its market knowledge, professionalism and ability to deliver

Highland Marketing has unveiled its net promoter score for 2019 and revealed that it has increased from +52 in 2018 to an exceptional +72.

The NPS is a widely used customer loyalty metric that measures customers’ willingness to make a further purchase of a product or service, and to recommend it to family, friends and colleagues. It runs from -100 to +100, with scores of 0 considered ‘good’, scores above 50 ‘excellent’, and scores above 70 ‘exceptional’ or ‘best in class’.  

Chief executive Mark Venables said he was very pleased with the vote of confidence given to the specialist health tech agency by its customers and clients. “We sent out around 60 requests for feedback, and the clients who responded were overwhelmingly positive,” he said.

“In comments, they commented on our expert understanding of the NHS and healthcare IT market and our consistent ability to deliver results; whether they were using our consultancy, marketing and PR or sales acceleration services, or a combination of these.”

This is the third, consecutive year that Highland Marketing has run an NPS survey. In any NPS survey, customers and clients are asked to answer a single question ‘how likely is it that you would recommend [x] to a [family/friend/colleague]’ on a score from 0-10.

People who give a score of 9-10 are considered ‘promoters’, 7-8 ‘passives’, and 0-6 ‘detractors’. Subtracting the percentage of detractors from promoters yields the NPS score, ranging from -100 (all detractors) to +100 (all promoters).

Companies use the score to assess opportunities for retention and growth, and Mark Venables said: “We are using our latest NPS survey to even better serve our clients, by proactively identifying new campaign territory and deploying innovative PR and marketing ideas.

“We look forward to building on our successes and continuing to improve throughout 2020, which is already looking set to be our busiest year ever.”

Highland Marketing was founded 19 years ago to provide integrated content, marketing and PR services to the NHS and the health tech industry.

More recently, it has formed a relationship with consultancy Experiential HealthTech to provide end-to-end advisory and marketing services for companies looking to enter or expand in the sector.  

Clients who provided additional comments for the recent NPS survey praised the knowledge of the Highland Marketing staff they dealt with, their ability to build plans and execute them effectively, and what one described simply as “actual results!”

One said: “The depth of knowledge and the professionalism of the team is unquestionable. They are always responsive and deliver a superb solution.” Another commented: “A true partnership: Highland Marketing understands our goals and objectives, builds a plan and executes brilliantly.”

About Highland Marketing:

Highland Marketing is an integrated strategy, communications, PR and marketing agency, supporting the UK and international health tech organisations. Over 19 years, it has built a reputation for being the go-to agency for vendors and their customers. Highland Marketing is expert in market strategy, research, branding, messaging, content marketing, PR, social media and sales acceleration.

Website: highland-marketing.com Twitter: @HighlandMarktng


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